Hello, I’m Filippo. I'm a Digital Producer.
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Helping Shopify merchants save time in their daily eCommerce operations. Unlimited requests, one flat monthly fee.

» Used by Gabriela Hearst, Gray Matters, Sapopa, Overcoat and more.

Disco Fm

Co Founder and Product Designer


Helping crate diggers and vinyl collectors find their next gem. Featured on Resident Advisor, Mix Mag Product Hunt, Apple Store and more.

» App concept and UI/UX

Gabriela Hearst

eCommerce Product Manager & Digital Producer


Luxury fashion brand by Gabriela Hearst. Part of LVMH Luxury Ventures.

» Project Manager for E-commerce launch, designed by Peter Miles Studio. Digital management and digital assets producer.

Gray _Matters

eCommerce Product Manager


Style and character for independent women. Designed in NYC, Made in Italy. Gray Matters store has been featured in the Squarespace #MakeItReal campaign 2019.

» Launch of their first Squarespace online store and transition to Shopify for the US and European markets.


Digital Project Manager


Wildly original new outerwear line from Oomaru Seisakusho 2.

»Website launch, designed by Peter Miles Studio and developed in collaboration with La Colonia Studio. Mobile UI/UX.


Product Designer


Web and mobile development agency for startups and enterprise companies.

» Product Designer for mobile apps.

Needle Vinyl

Co Founder and Product Designer


The first mobile social marketplace for vinyl record lovers and insiders. Handpicked to participate at the Web Summit 2014 in Dublin.

» App concept and UI/UX

Get Beat

Founder and Art Director

Get Beat

Booking agency involving national and international electronic music artists.

» Booked national and International artists in the electronic music and art field. Sponsored by Obey Italia, WESC, Blue Distribution and many more.


Product Management

Project Management

Product Design





Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop




Active Campaign



Ableton Live

Technics 1200

Sometimes i write

I like to talk about e-commerce, Shopify, plugins or other interesting startups or services I find or use.
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I’m a Digital Producer interested in the intersection between strategy, usability and design. Experienced in creative fields. Practical knowledge in online/offline production.

I studied Architecture in Venice, have both a technical and creative mindset that along with my personal passion led me to work on digital products in different roles for over ten years.

My varied background, working as a freelancer and for agencies, allow me to understand all the process involved in the creation of a product — on the business side understanding the client needs and objectives, on the technical side knowing the efforts needed to create a product and on the design side having a keen eye for details.

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